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quikslvr, revisited

journeys in sensory exploration

"If I had been one to have the credo 'if you don't have anything nice to say, you should shut up' then you'd not hear me utter a word about quikslvr. When thinking of her, one word instantly comes to mind: Bitch. It's what she is, what she does best and the quality she most appreciates and admires in others (unless of course you're bitching about her. In that case she'll officially hate you, but secretly feel enormous glee at her feelings of ill will towards you). I'll give her this: Her random ranting outbursts of malevolence are marked by her intelligence and ability to articulate just exactly what bugs her. It almost seems as if she's developed bitching into an art through years and years of practice. And oh yeah, she seems to be a good cook too."
- slemgutt

Also known as "vague silence girl." Thanks to Aalissa for that one.

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